The Security Industry Firearms Instructor (SIFI) course is approved for the purpose of applying for a licence to deliver security industry firearms training and assessment in Victoria.

The SIFI course is a five day course. It is aimed at providing the Skills and knowledge needed to conduct a  Security Industry Firearms course for Armed Guards and Cash in Transit Guards in Victoria.

It covers the legal and operational aspects of Security Industry Firearms Training in Victoria.


The practical sections of the course include:


  • Basic skills and drills 
  • Tactical movement in a built environment
  •  Different firing positions - kneeling, prone, stairs and buildings
  • Cover and Concealment
  • Concealed Carry
  • Low light shooting
  •  Firearms retention
  • Decision making skills under pressure using 'Simmunition' equipment
  • Reaction time and response time

 Instruction technique, sample lesson plans and range drills, diagnostic techniques are integrated into the program. 

 THE NEXT SIFI COURSE is scheduled for 2019.

We will inform you of dates as soon as they become available. 

 Fees are $1500.00 and include:

  • 1000 rounds of ammunition 
  • Lunch
  • Instructor manuals and materials
  • Training on 4 dedicated firearms ranges - Skills range, Metallic challenge range, Cover range and 180 range

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       Contact Christine for bookings and further information

                      03 57931360  or 0418 981 654