Non Lethal Use of Force training uses real life scenarios.


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 Progress past the point of static basic skills training


NON LETHAL USE OF FORCE is a dynamic and interactive training technique that uses  service revolvers modified to load and discharge FX marker cartridges in real life scenarios.

  • Safety is the most important consideration.
  • Real life scenarios are used to stimulate responses and decision making in real  time                                                    
  • Students  participate in role plays using modified service revolvers, Simmunition equipment and FX marker cartridges.
  • Situational awareness and judgemental skills are highlighted throughout the training program.
  • Awareness of consequences of decisions is emphasised in  debriefing discussions.
  • Importance of awareness of surroundings and mindfulness of the safety of innocent persons is a focus of each scenario.
  • Students have opportunities to practice de-escalation techniques.
  • Stress induced target fixation and sound exclusion are experienced.
  • Man on man and force on force role plays enable practice in fast paced firearms handling techniques.
  • Tactical skills in weapon retention are reinforced
  • Move and fire skills are practised on 360 degree training range
  • Use of cover is utilised.

 We provide protective clothing and equipment:

  • Helmet and face shield
  • Vest
  • Neck shield
  • Groin protection
  • Gloves
  • Modified service revolvers
  • FX marker cartridges

All training is provided by a qualified Simmunition Safety Instructor / Victorian Security Industry Firearms Instructor.



A session of non lethal firearms training is integrated into the annual firearms re-qualification program.
A full day intensive program of scenario based, non lethal training is conducted regularly. There is a maximum of 8 participants. You can join in one of our scheduled training days or organise a training day for your group.
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